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Aryan Britannia: May’s Brexit Failure Leads to Local Election Wipeout – AB 050619

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss the results from the council elections which show intense public resentment towards the establishment, before discussing the ‘decolonise the curriculum’ movement and reparations for slavery.

The council election results came in at the weekend, with Conservatives losing 1,269 seats, Labour losing 63 seats, UKIP losing 36 seats and the Liberal Democrats winning 676.

This shows a complete rejection of the ruling parties, Labour thought they were going to have a huge win, but nobody has been impressed with them trying to derail Brexit.

These were council elections, so a vote for the Lib Dems is unlikely to be a show of support for their policy on Brexit, which is to have another referendum, more a rejection of the establishment and an unwillingness to trust a one issue party like UKIP with the day to day running of the council. The real indicator of public feeling on Brexit will come with the EU elections in 2 weeks time.

May was heckled at a Conservative conference the day after, when a member stood up and demanded she go, followed by the crowd chanting ‘out, out, out, out’ and it was hard to tell if they meant for her to go or for the heckler.

This was followed by Iain Duncan Smith saying the she must step down and Jacob Rees Mogg saying we must have a new leader of the Tories who is actually a conservative.

The Tories would be better off aligning themselves with Farage and his Brexit party, rather than Corbyn and Labour as May is doing.

After that there is a discussion about slavery, as Cambridge University have just pledged to spend 2 years looking at what profits the university made out of the slave trade.

No mention has been made of the profits the African traders made out of selling the slaves in the first place, or any enquiries to see why they didn’t build universities and set up scholarship funds with the proceeds like the White traders did.

No mention of all the White slaves that were taken to America either, or the fact that there was an incentive to mistreat the White slaves and not the Black, as they could be enslaved for another 10 years if they tried to escape.

No mention of the fact slaves are still the main commodity Africa has in abundance, that just about every country in Africa still has slaves with 20% of the population in Mauritania being one.

No mention of the fact the slaves have already been paid for twice and reparations would mean paying for them a third time.

People should try raising these points when they next hear of ‘reparations’ or ‘decolonising the curriculum’.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: May’s Brexit Failure Leads to Local Election Wipeout – AB 050619


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