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Aryan Britannia: Theresa May’s Legacy – AB 052719

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss Theresa May’s legacy as the worst Prime Minister in living history, before looking at the disparity between Hope Not Hate’s treatment of Islamic extremism and ‘Far Right’ extremism.

Theresa May has finally been forced to step down, possibly by her entire party threatening to resign if she didn’t. This woman has refused to accept the reality of her failure and has just continued digging her own grave for nearly a year now and that’s before we even get to her atrocious record before becoming Prime Minister.

She presided over the largest influx of foreigners into Britain since 1066 as Home Secretary, while at the same time banning White folks like Richard Spencer from entering the country.

When she was promoted to Prime Minister one of the first things she did was throw the party’s majority away by arrogantly calling a general election, thinking that the public wanted a feminist given the job by default to lead us.

After that she just went from one calamity to the next and all of her own making. She set up a fake Brexit department, while all the while doing a secret deal to keep Britain in the EU. When she finally admitted what she had done and her deal was rejected, instead of doing the right thing and stepping down, she just dug herself in all the more and humiliated herself by trying to put the same deal through parliament 4 times, narrowly failing at the 4th attempt because her party said they would break their own constitution to kick her out if she didn’t step down right now.

The list of May’s acts of treason against the British people is endless and most of it was intentional. The proof of her selfish and arrogant actions against the country can be seen in the laughter her final tearful goodbye elicited even in the mainstream press.

She and David Cameron did untold damage to the Britain and the Conservative Party, while emboldening the parallel spy agency Hope Not Hate by redefining the word extremist to include non-violent activism.

This meant they could call the political opposition ‘extremists’ while pretending there was a correlation between ‘Far Right’ extremism and Islamic extremism.

They pretend to be objective and since 2010 have claimed to be ‘disrupting’ Jihadi networks as well as UKIP and the EDL, but there is only one article on the Islamics for every fifteen articles on Patriots.

With Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party about to win the EU election by a landslide and possibly the next general election too, could we finally see someone who they have attacked get into a position where their funding could be shut down?

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Aryan Britannia: Theresa May’s Legacy – AB 052719


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