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Church of the Lampshade: Making Israel Great Again – GL 052119

The Church of the Lampshade returns once again with top notch commentary on topics of the day, as well as the always anticipated sermon for the remnant of Christianity.

As has been the case as of late, we open by discussing the intellectual wasteland known as GAB. GAB is like a social media internment camp and we're all in it.

This week's GAB treat has been a huge influx of ziocucks going on about "Muh Israel" and how God of course wants us to always support the modern state of Israel because after all, it has the same name as the one in the Old Testament so surely it must be the same nation right?

We will also be discussing those most fervent evangelists for their religion, the atheists as well as the worthlessness of conservatives. While we've discussed this before let's face it; conservatives deserve any and all forms of derision.

Finally we will talk about Trump's new legal immigration proposal and how retarded it is, that blind supporters of the man feel obligated to cheer for everything that he does even when it’s to their own detriment.

We get into the heart of the show with our sermon this week as we continue with our "Meaning of Life" series making our way through the book of Ecclesiastes. We will be covering chapters 5-6 this week and considering that while the fool who folds his hands and does nothing is an obvious evil, it is more difficult to realize the self destructive nature of the rich man whose thirst for more wealth and power is never quenched, no matter how much he has.

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Thank you again and we'll see you next week when we convene The Church of the Lampshade.
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Church of the Lampshade: Making Israel Great Again – GL 052119


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