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The Daily Nationalist: Anglican Delusions About Gender – DN 052819

Sven Longshanks
looks at the subversion of the Anglican Church by female bishops and transgender activist groups forcing schools to go along with their delusions.

Church tradition has always been that right at the start of the Bible we are given an example of why women are not suitable to lead a church. When given the chance to teach, Eve taught Adam to disobey God.

Whatever we may think of women teaching now, that is still the example the Bible gives and to go against it and invite women to be vicars and bishops is a blasphemy.

The Anglican church has just appointed it’s first ever female bishop as the bishop of Derby and if a woman is prepared to ignore what the Bible says on this, then there is nothing to stop her from ignoring any other bits in scripture that she doesn’t like.

The church seems to think that it can pick and choose what laws to obey from the Bible, including laws that are a capital offence such as sodomy.

To be wounded in the stones or have the privy member cut off, means that person is to be excluded from the congregation, yet the church has invented a special baptism celebration for them and is now inviting them into it’s schools to indoctrinate the teachers with their delusional thinking.

A vicar at one school was so upset about this that he has left the church, but not before first recording what the insane transgenders are claiming are facts, such as there being more combinations than just XX/YY chromosomes, that children taking the opposite sex’s hormones is ‘safe’ and wont cause infertility and that all this has been verified by science.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Anglican Delusions About Gender – DN 052819


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