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The Daily Nationalist: BBC Promotes Arab Pimp Selling White Girls – DN 050619

Sven Longshanks looks at the BBC promoting the pimping out of White girls by non-White grime artists and a new Bill in Texas to take the social media companies to court for censorship.

The BBC have been caught playing degenerate rap music that glorifies the pimping of White girls by the invaders.

The song has been played on Radio One as well as on the Asian network and talks about using White girls as cash machines, getting them to push drugs and making them sell their bodies to hundreds of ‘dirty pakis’.

The BBC are keen to stress that they did remove any swearing from the song first before playing it, but have now pulled it from their playlist.

But that means they had carefully checked the lyrics out first and thought they were acceptable, before putting it on the playlist.

Then we have the DJs who also must have heard the lyrics and thought they were perfectly fine, Bobby Friction and Kan D Man.

The track is still available on Youtube, but legitimate political candidates like Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin have had their videos hidden on there and their campaign Twitter accounts disabled.

Youtube and the social media companies clearly have no concern for unacceptable behaviour towards Whites and just wish to censor any of us that speak up about this sort of thing.

Thankfully the state of Texas has taken a pro-active step to prevent this, they have just passed a bill which will allow the State to take the companies to court for censorship ,if anyone is removed from a platform but has broken no law.

It’s about time something like this was done, the Bill has passed the senate with an 18 – 12 vote and is now on it’s way to the house.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: BBC Promotes Arab Pimp Selling White Girls – DN 050619


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