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The Daily Nationalist: EU Election Analysis – DN 052719

Sven Longshanks looks at the highs and lows of the EU election results and what they could mean for Britain and for Europe.

The Brexit Party had a huge win in Britain as predicted, winning outright with 32% of the vote and a majority in every region bar Scotland and London. The Conservatives were wiped out with their worst result in the history of the Party and this will mean that the next leader of the Party will have to be a right leaning hard brexiteer. 

Tommy Robinson did not do as well as expected and only got 2% of the vote in the northwest, with UKIP getting 3%. Perhaps if he had been campaigning as a UKIP candidate the result would have been higher and he would have stood a chance. As it is, he will be losing his deposit as well as the small fortune he invested in his campaign.

The amount of election interference and intimidation that went on during his campaign would have been enough for sanctions to be put on any other country that had dared to attempt it. Perhaps he could take all his evidence of election meddling to the Electoral Commission and get some kind of financial compensation.

There is also the possibility that votes were nobbled, as Max Musson has highlighted before, the security surrounding those boxes is practically non-existent and there are plenty of chances for votes to go missing before they are counted or even while they are being counted.

UKIP were completely wiped out, despite having very popular internet celebrities standing for them, which shows there is a problem with transferring that online support into IRL voting.

Elsewhere in Europe we had Salvini with a huge win of 35%, Le Pen outright win of 24%, Fidesz 52%, Law and Justice 43%, Sebastian Kurtz keeps the top spot in Austria and Estonia will be sending Rubben Kaalep to the EU parliament.

The Populists now form the 2nd largest block in the EU parliament, with the centre right retaining the top spot. They will do their usual dodgy deal with the socialists who are in third place to form a coalition block, but the Populists will still have considerable weight behind them.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: EU Election Analysis – DN 052719


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