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The Daily Nationalist: Good News in Europe – DN 051419

Sven Longshanks looks at some amazingly positive predictions for the EU elections which could see Salvini winning the largest majority as well as Hungary’s response to smears about Orban in the American media.

New polls from Italy show Salvini surging ahead with twice the popularity of his coalition partners in power the 5 Star Movement. If these polls are correct, it means he will beat both Merkel and Macron and the League will have the highest majority of seats in the EU out of any party. Salvini would then be the new face of the EU, not Macron and not Merkel.

Marine Le Pen is also riding high and predicted to eclipse Macron in the election, which she says should be seen as a referendum on whether Macron should step down or not in France as Prime Minister.

In Britain the Conservatives have crashed so badly they now have less support than at any other time in their history, polling at only 10% which puts them on even less than the Green Party.
Farage’s Brexit Party now has more support than the Conservatives, Labour and the CUK Party combined, showing the public’s complete rejection of the old establishment parties.

Sadly UKIP are suffering from Carl Benjamin’s seeming inability to make the publicity he is receiving for his ‘wouldn’t even rape you’ tweet work in the party’s favour.

If Tommy can rise above the media’s smears by making all his public appearances about rape gangs, islamisation and the clampdown on free speech, then why can’t Sargon?

Orban is also predicted to do well of course and he is currently in America for a state visit to the White House. The US press have been comparing him to Stalin and Pol Pot, which is ridiculous since he first found fame fighting against communism in the last days of the cold war.

Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs has also helpfully exposed who the journalists that smeared him are really working for and of course, it’s George Soros once again.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Good News in Europe – DN 051419


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