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The Daily Nationalist: Transgender Conversion Disorder – DN 053019

Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson discuss the removal of ‘transgenderism’ from the official list of mental disorders. due to pressure groups full of people with the same mental disorder.

No new evidence has been put forward, this has been actioned simply because ‘human rights’ groups got involved.

It will now be called ‘gender incongruence’ and will apply to children, despite it being admitted to have a link with sexual behaviour and sexually transmitted diseases, which should not even be in the same sentence with the word ‘children’.

Doctors that attempt to treat their patients for a mental disorder will be legally sanctioned, despite it being cured by a simple anti-depressant medication already in use.

Israeli doctors did a study in 2017 which showed that it was impossible for anyone to change gender, as there are around 6,500 gene variances that are sex specific, not just the ones concerning the generative organs.

We are being expected to go along with mad people’s delusions and pretend that by mutilating themselves, they have magically become the opposite sex.

Really there should be a new scientific term created to describe the delusion that the doctors involved promoting this are under.

Perhaps ‘Transgender Conversion Disorder’ might do.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Transgender Conversion Disorder – DN 053019


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