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Mysterium Fasces: Orthodoxy and Nationalism – MF 080919

Florian Geyer returns with a new episode of Mysterium Fasces, featuring Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson discussing how Orthodox anthropology determines the relationship between God and man.

Man is a harmony of the physical and the spiritual in a unified entity. Although his spirit is superior in nature to his body, it is as the leaves of a tree are superior to the trunk and it's roots.

His fleshly reality is decidedly ethnic and communal just as it is in Christ, who is depicted as an Israelite of Judah from Hellenic Galilee in the icons.

Understanding this is necessary for any discussion of applied Orthodox political philosophy.

This raises problems in America because Americans are so far divorced from traditional Orthodox teachings on what ethnicity means.

It is only once broken away from the anti-culture that we live in, that the political philosophy can be properly understood.

Presented by Florian Geyer and Matt Johnson

Mysterium Fasces: Orthodoxy and Nationalism – MF 080919

Florian Geyer and Mysterium Fasces will probably return around Christmas if not before.
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