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The Daily Nationalist: Matt Heimbach on Puerto Rico – DN 080719

Matthew Heimbach joins Sven Longshanks with a report on the uprising in Puerto Rico and how the territory’s people are affecting American politics.

Puerto Rico is not a state, but it’s people have American citizenship and are free to move to America where they then congregate in Spanish speaking areas. These areas just happen to be the swing states that Trump was narrowly able to win around at the last election.

All it would take is another freak hurricane for enough Puerto Ricans to move to Florida and tip it towards the Democrats, but there is currently an uprising happening there due to corruption at the top of government.

Just like the French uprising this is not being covered by the mainstream media, but there is a chance the independence party over there could gain more power.

If that happens, then it could presage the break-up of the American empire and lead the way for states like Texas and California to follow.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with Matthew Heimbach

The Daily Nationalist: Matt Heimbach on Puerto Rico – DN 080719


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