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Aryan Britannia: Bojo Pogoes the Parliament – AB 090219

Sven Longshanks discusses Bojo’s move to ensure Brexit, GI UKs new name change, the ten-fold increase in acid attacks and Tony Blair’s call for non-violent Nationalists to be punished for having a different opinion.

All Boris Johnson has done is follow established process and ask the Queen to give a speech reading out his new policies for her government. This is what every Prime Minister does when he comes to power and the government is always shut down for a few days beforehand as a matter of protocol. The following 2 weeks in the House of Commons are then filled with debates on the new policies, which means along with the 4 week break, there will be little time for the remoaners to sabotage Brexit, which is on course for October 31st.

Generation Identity UK have really let themselves down recently, they ignored the leadership in Europe, gave a spy access to their think tank, made him the official photographer and willingly gave him private information on the names and occupations of it’s members. GI UK has now been kicked out of GI Europe and have rebranded as ‘The Identitarian Movement of Great Britain and Ireland’. They really need to start listening to more experienced Nationalists if they want to avoid making mistakes like this again.

Although all we hear about now is stabbings, acid attacks have continued to rise ten-fold since the first reports of them in 2012. They began within the Indian/Pakistani community as a way to punish their women for being western, but have now expanded to becoming the weapon of choice for non-White gangs, muggers, burglars and drug dealers. This horrific crime is directly related to diversity and it is likely the crime would never have existed in Britain if it wasn’t for multiculturalism.

Pointing that out makes you a hater and Tony Blair wants to see non-violent Nationalists who love their people and want to prevent any more crimes like this happening, locked up for having the wrong opinion. He wants a definition of extremism that does not actually include any criminal behaviour, because most Nationalists are non-violent. His reason for this, is that non-violent groups are noticing the same problems that violent individuals are, but the fact they offer a completely different solution to those problems seems to have escaped his notice.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: Bojo Pogoes the Parliament – AB 090219


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