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The Daily Nationalist: It’s Not That Sort of Party! – DN 091119

Sven Longshanks looks at the ludicrous state of Brexit politics, a negro actor reverting to type at the TV Choice Awards and Archbishop Welby prostrating himself at the feet of Indians in Amritsar.

Scottish judges are claiming Johnson’s suspension of parliament is unlawful because he has more than one reason for doing it, poison dwarf Bercow has finally resigned and despite the Tories having no majority to rule, the opposition are refusing to allow a general election to take place.

While our elites are setting the worst example imaginable, a negro actor who was a poster boy for preventing knife crime has been thrown out of an awards ceremony for threatening to stab his White colleague.

The British Empire knew how to prevent knife crime, by setting a ruthless example of what would happen if the natives broke the law. This was done in Amritsar when the Indians ignored all the signs ordering a curfew and formed a mob, which General Dyer saw as an insurrection and put down with the use of live fire. This was shortly after a number of Europeans were killed and a missionary lady left for dead.

You would think Welby’s sympathies would lie with the missionary and his loyalty be to his country, but you’d be wrong of course.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: It’s Not That Sort of Party! – DN 091119


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