The Daily Nationalist: It’s Racist to Prevent Black Shoplifting – DN 091719 - Radio Albion


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The Daily Nationalist: It’s Racist to Prevent Black Shoplifting – DN 091719

Sven Longshanks looks at a couple bringing up a gender neutral baby, the UK government funding Moslem social media influencers and an accusation that a chemists are racist for putting security strips on Black hair care products.

By not affirming a baby’s gender and banning others from doing so, parents are doing exactly what is required to cause someone to grow up confused about their gender. This is psychological abuse of a child and part of the reason why we now have such an increase in gender dysphoria.

The UK Home Office have been caught out funding Moslem websites that are promoting progressive, moderate Moslem ideas. This proves that the idea for moderate Islam does not come from within the religion itself, but is imposed upon it by the secular British government.

Black people have obviously been stealing hair care products from Boots, or they would not be putting security tabs on those products, but a negress thinks it must be down to racism and is demanding the store either stop selling them, or remove them. But if they stopped selling them, she would be accusing them of apartheid and only wanting to serve White customers. You just cant win with using logic against negroes.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: It’s Racist to Prevent Blacks Shoplifting – DN 091719


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