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Church of the Lampshade: The Trump Impeachment Theater – GL 101519

Grandpa Lampshade looks at how the lying media pretends facts dont exist where the Bidens are concerned before discussing similarities between original and modern Communism.

Episode #35 of The Church of the Lampshade comes to you this week with a ton of topics and enlightenment. You may only get this show once a week but no doubt it’s totally worth it.

As always, before the Christian message, Grandpa will be discussing some of the topics that people are talking about. The media continues to throw the last shred of credibility they once had out of the window, as they blatantly play the role of Communist propaganda organ. They seem to believe that if they simply say “It’s been debunked….” they can make facts and questions disappear. One can see this in the Trump impeachment theater, as they continue to make accusations against Trump, while at the same time completely ignoring the Bidens who were even bragging about doing exactly what Trump is accused of.

GPL will also once again cover the fact that the modern day Communists, unlike their predecessors, are offering nothing to the people. Where the Communists of old at least (though they were lying) were promising the people a better life, the modern day Communists are offering the people nothing at all apart from screeching at them and telling us everything is our fault.

In this week’s sermon GPL will be covering the fates of the Apostles. If you are feeling discouraged as you try to carry out God’s will, you will want to take heed of the end that these guys met. Jesus told the Apostles they were loved by God and yet they met these horrific and gruesome ends.

This beckons the question of “Why?”. Why, if God loves them and by extension loves you, why did they meet these horrible deaths? Is God indifferent to the suffering of his people? Did God himself do this to them, or cause it to happen? Believe it or not, even though the wicked of the world struck these men down believing it would bring them victory over the plans of the Lord, their actions themselves would fit into carrying out those very plans.

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Church of the Lampshade: The Trump Impeachment Theater – GL 101519


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