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Church of the Lampshade: Eye for an Eye, or Turn the Other Cheek? – GL 112619

Grandpa Lampshade asks what happened to pizzagate, before bringing us thoughtful comments from listeners and a Christian message on justice and an orderly society.

This week’s show opens with a whole lot of really good comments from the listeners, as Grandpa Lampshade goes through the listener support mailbag. This is a thought provoking show so it is no wonder that the listeners of the show bring thoughtful commentary as well.

The pre sermon discussion this week centers around those great comments from the listeners and the corrupt nature of the system that we are all struggling under. To highlight this, GPL will discuss something that has been pretty much memory holed in the public sphere: Pizzagate. This is a topic that has been declared ‘debunked’ because those who consider themselves better than you say it’s debunked. Yet, the questions remain. It is time to look at this topic, not simply for what it is but as a reflection of the corrupt nature of the system as a whole.

The Christian specific message ties in nicely with this, as the Reverend Lampshade discusses the Old Testament establishment of justice and an orderly society vs Christ teaching you about your own personal behavior. This will be illustrated by looking at the contrast of “An eye for an eye” vs “Turn the other cheek”. One of the hallmarks of a stable and functioning system and society is a justice system that the people can understand and believe in. This begs the question: do you believe in or have confidence in the system you live under today?

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Church of the Lampshade: Eye for an Eye, or Turn the Other Cheek? – GL 112619


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