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Church of the Lampshade: The Christmas Show – GL 122419

It is not simply installment #45 of The Church of the Lampshade this week, it’s a special Christmas edition of the show! That’s right, COTL falls on Christmas Eve this year so Grandpa Lampshade will be full of Christmas cheer for this episode. Now, you may be burned out on Christmas at this point but fear not, this isn’t going to be about consumerism, Santa and elves. This is going to be about the celebration of the birth of our savior Jesus Christ and a look back on what Christmas has meant and should mean, even going back to the very beginning; the birth of Christ himself.

Once again, listeners and supporters are encouraged to contribute to the show via the listener supporter mailbag. GPL will be covering several topics suggested by our thoughtful audience this week.

Christmas is a time when older folks like to reflect on the way things used to be and Grandpa Lampshade is no exception. As materialism and the importance of the monetary value of gifts has become the focal point of Christmas, we find that as a society and as a people we have lost something so much more significant. Much like how we are flooded with useless information now, on Christmas we are flooded with useless consumerism, gifts that have no actual meaning behind them aside from their monetary value.

Christmas should be a time when the Christian specific message is on the “easy” setting. All someone has to do is read the Christmas story from the gospel and talk about how Jesus was the most beautiful baby ever and then pass around the offering plate. However long time listeners of the show know that the Reverend Lampshade is not one to abide by the easy road. This year’s Christmas message will instead be centered around…..John the Baptist and the significance of John’s ministry in the context of the entirety of Jesus’ life; from his birth to the crucifixion and resurrection. The birth of Christ signifies the beginning of the beginning as it were of a new era as to God’s relationship with man. John’s ministry of baptism was actually a prophecy being played out before the people. This will be a Christian Christmas message that you won’t get in cuck church.

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Until next week, enjoy a safe, happy and blessed Christmas.

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Church of the Lampshade: The Christmas Show – GL 122419


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