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Church of the Lampshade: Conservatism and the Church – GL 121719

The Church of the Lampshade show comes your way once again with instalment #44 of one of the most unique shows on the internet. 100% supported by listeners, no paywall no subscriptions just truth presented from a perspective you won’t find anywhere else. Speaking of listener support, you are highly encouraged to get involved and be a part of this. You can find that information below.

After going through a large amount of listener mail this week, GPL delves into the similarities between the modern cuck church and conservatism. Both share the common denominator of submission to the world and submission to the commies. Both claim to be doing what they can to stand against the world and both are disingenuous in this claim. While I’m sure these groups would rather we didn’t notice, too bad because GPL will drag it all out into the open to see.

In the Christian specific message this week, random scriptures will be covered. Four different passages from three different books from both the old and new testaments, these things would seem to be totally unrelated….but are they? Because the scripture ties in with the natural order, it’s not surprising that one can take these seemingly random passages and yet, find a certain level of commonality between them.

If you are reading over this description and deciding whether or not to give listening to this show a try, you should hesitate no longer. The Church of the Lampshade is something that has to be experienced first hand to truly appreciate. So stop hesitating. Click that button, and get tuned in to the truth. Get tuned in to The Church of the Lampshade.

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Church of the Lampshade: Conservatism and the Church – GL 121719


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