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The Daily Nationalist: Moslems Threaten to Leave UK After Boris Elected – DN 121619

Sven Longshanks looks at the removal of a multicultural gay orgy painting from above an altar and the rumour of Moslems packing their bags at the election of Boris ‘Vlad the Impaler’ Johnson.

Sweden has removed the blasphemous painting from above the altar of the church in Malmo, but only because it could be construed as implying transgenders were evil, since the transgender was the serpent.

This is the sort of thing we should expect happening in churches now we have priestesses teaching in them, if they think they can break the laws on women teaching there is nothing to stop them breaking any other law in the Bible.

Moslems have seen the success the Jews had in pressuring Labour into genuflecting before them to avoid the charge of anti-Semitism and are now doing the same to the Conservatives.

Prominent Moslems are now pretending to be looking to move from Britain at the election of the notorious islamophobe Boris Johnson, who once made a light hearted joke about Moslem women. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Moslems Threaten to Leave UK After Boris Elected – DN 121619


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