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Aryan Britannia: White Privilege Fails White Police Officer – AB 012720

Sven Longshanks talks about the Black machete attacker who a jury found not guilty of attempted murder, before looking at the lives of two British aviation pioneers who were also women.

A White police officer was almost hacked to death by a Black driver who had no insurance, but a jury found him not guilty of possessing an offensive weapon and not guilty of attempted murder.

The would-be killer’s lawyer is now complaining that the police officer should be disciplined for using his taser to protect himself.

Children are being taught that men used to oppress women and would not allow them to do anything other than be mothers. But women have always been encouraged to do whatever they were able to do, as shown by two aviation pilots from the thirties who went on to break world records, Amy Johnson and Beryl Markham.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Britannia: White Privilege Fails White Police Officer – AB 012720


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