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Church of the Lampshade: Censorship and the Low Trust Society – GL 020420

Grandpa Lampshade explains how the truth sets us free and the freedoms we supposedly have under the NWO system, are really just chains to bind us.

The Church of the Lampshade episode #51 is here and as always it begins with the listener support mailbag. This doesn’t take long this week, as we only have three supporters. Whether you are old school and like the snail mail or you want to do cryptocurrency, you are encouraged to support the work here by sponsoring the show. That information can be found below.

Last week, Grandpa Lampshade touched on “that guy”, namely the Christian sperg who makes everyone cringe by bringing up Jesus at times when it has nothing to do with anything being about. To be fair, GPL will point out this week that everyone has their spergs. Be it atheist spergs, Pagan spergs or whatever a general consensus can be made that nobody likes spergs. Don’t be a sperg.

We are told time and again about all of the freedoms we enjoy here in America. More specifically, we are told time and again that not only do we have all of these freedoms, but the reason that we have them is due to the efforts of American soldiers. Thus, if you enjoy your freedom to be banned from social media, fired from your job for your political beliefs and relish the non stop push to promote man on man anal sex, you need to be thanking a hero from the military.

This is of course ludicrous which leads to the question; if we don’t really have a bunch of freedoms, how come? While there are multiple elements involved here, one of the key ones missing is having a high trust society. You can have your freedoms in a high trust society, but you cant in a low trust one. The clamp down on freedom is necessary in a low trust society, as those in power are concerned with nothing more than remaining in power. They don’t trust those they rule over and the ruled do not trust them. Grandpa Lampshade will highlight the lack of trust that exists when it comes to virtually all aspects of our society today.

In the always anticipated Christian specific message, the Reverend Lampshade will be looking at the biblical message of “all being revealed” in the context of judgement. When we think of judgement, we tend to focus only on heaven vs hell but there is so much more to it. The lies that this world exists upon will be erased. Just as there is no room for sin to exist in God’s presence, there is also no room for lies to exist in His presence either. This is no small thing! Imagine having everything you ever believed in, all that you had ever placed your hope in, being stripped away with nothing left. Do you find it amazing how you are persecuted for simply speaking the truth? You shouldn’t be. When you speak the truth, you are literally speaking a judgment against the world!

When you were a child and had to go to church, it seemed as though that was the longest hour ever. Time would drag by and it was as though it would never end. Not so in the Church of the Lampshade! An hour flies by so fast that you can’t believe it’s already over. You are left with so many things to think about and in the end, the anticipation is already there for next week’s episode when once again, we all gather for the Church of the Lampshade.

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Church of the Lampshade: Censorship and the Low Trust Society – GL 020420


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