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Church of the Lampshade: False Prophets – GL 021820

Grandpa Lampshade talks about how it’s no good worrying about things that are out of your control, as the only thing you really have control over is your own life.

As always the show opens with the listener support mailbag. Week in and week out, listeners bring the heat when it comes to thought provoking questions and comments and this week is no exception.
The more listener support we get, the more opportunities we get to discuss the subjects brought forth by you, the listeners. You are of course encouraged to take part in supporting the work of this show and hat information can be found at the bottom of this page.

After that GPL points out that not only has the mask slipped on our enemies, they aren’t even bothering to pretend they have one any more. When the invasion of Europe first began, it was framed as an act of voluntary compassion. The invaders were called “refugees”, giving us the impression they were only looking for some sort of temporary shelter. All of that is now over. Now the message is that you don’t actually have a country at all and what little country and culture you think you have, was all stolen from other people. Will will finally get some recognition that this isn’t a conspiracy theory now? Holding one’s breath isn’t recommended.

In the Christian specific message the Reverend Lampshade discusses the cost of being a (false) prophet. We are surrounded by them nowadays and for the most part, the technique is no different to what it was in the days of of Jeremiah with the false prophet always bringing a message of good news. He predictably arrives on the scene during a time of judgement to tell everyone that they don’t actually need to repent and in fact, they should just keep on doing what they’re doing because the Lord is going to take care of it all for them. The false prophet risks nothing, because even when his sweet words are proven to be lies, the people will not be angry at him. Their anger will instead be directed at those told them the truth about what was going on.

Each week this show brings truth and a perspective that you wont get anywhere else. The format and message is a unique one and the continued work is supported by you the listeners. Each time you financially support the show you make it possible for everyone else to continue together in fellowship down this often difficult road of truth. You are not alone. You have a fellowship. You have a congregation; here at The Church of the Lampshade.

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Church of the Lampshade: False Prophets – GL 021820


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