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Church of the Lampshade: We the People – GL 022520

Grandpa Lampshade looks at the glaring inconsistencies in democracy, before showing that Christianity is in tune with the natural order.

The Church of the Lampshade episode #54 is here! That’s right, another week has already passed and the most anticipated hour (or so) on the internet has once again arrived. As always, the show opens with the listener support mailbag and also as always, listener comments do not disappoint.

After the great topics from listeners, GPL delves into a few random thoughts for the week. We are told that we live under a system based on the principle that government is “by the people and for the people”. Patriotards will proclaim that politicians work for the people and not the other way around. Yet, this is not reflected in the reality around us. Politicians lie to the people continually. This is about as profound as stating that water is wet. Everyone knows and accepts that all politicians routinely lie.

Yet, if you lie to Congress, you get sent to prison. How then can we claim that the voters are in authority over politicians?

Trump continues to tweet and GPL has to wonder who exactly is Trump tweeting to anyway? Pretty much all of his supporters from 2016 have now been banned, so who does he think is reading this stuff? The mildest of content that is remotely anti-commie is getting banned from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook and where is Trump? Is he speaking out about any of this? No. How does he expect the energy from 2016 to appear for his re-election when everyone has been de-platformed? The only thing in his favor is that the team D line up is so laughably bad.

Expanding on the recent popular show about slave mentality, Grandpa Lampshade brings forth another example of it, marriage. Or to be more precise, people’s reactions when you put forth the notion that marriage needs to be returned to simply being handled by the church and not the state. You have all these people who rail against marriage and women, but when you say marriage should be handled by the church, what do they say? “But what about the property division in divorce though?” This again, is a classic example of the slave mentality.

In the Christian specific message GPL blasts the naysayers against Christianity by highlighting the fact that Christianity is in balance with the natural order. If Christianity was false, if it were based on lies or made up by men, if it was nothing more than a tricky conspiracy to keep the goys enslaved, then it would be visibly out of balance with the natural order. Yet, time and again we can look at the scriptures and see that Christianity is very much in balance with the natural order of things. Scripture reference this week will be 2 Corinthians 12:6.

Another week has flown by and also another another hour in the Church of the Lampshade. This shows covers topics and brings a point of view that quite frankly, you won’t find anywhere else. Listen once and you’ll be hooked. If you do get something out of it, you are encouraged to financially support the work and become an active participant in what we do here. That information can be found below.

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Church of the Lampshade: We the People – GL 022520


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