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Church of the Lampshade: Feel the Bern – GL 030320

Grandpa Lampshade looks at similarities between Bernie bros and Magapedes and suggests that just like the Trump supporters, Bernie voters would be headed for disappointment if he won.

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As it is the “Feel the Bern” edition of the show, we are going to take a look at commonalities between enthusiastic supporters of of Bernie Sanders in 2020 and MAGA supporters from 2016. If you are wondering in what way this show is any different to the countless number of other shows out there, the very fact we are able to find commonalities between the two polar opposites of the political spectrum should be all the proof you need. Bernie supporters (just like MAGA supporters from four year ago) believe they are going to see a radical change in the country if their guy gets elected. Yet regardless of the outcome, just like the MAGA supporters, they are destined for disappointment.

In the Christian specific segment we are going to deal with a controversial topic; abortion. Don’t be put off by the subject matter. Yes, you’ve heard this discussion preached about and discussed countless times before, but it’s a safe bet to say you haven’t heard it discussed in the context you will hear it today on this show. To highlight this fact, you are warned that today’s sermon will not be suitable for young children and you are encouraged to listen first before deciding whether or not the the whole family should hear it.

As degenerate as today’s society is, it isn’t as bad as some that God has judged in years past. You will find proof of that in the scriptural saying “There’s nothing new under the sun”. In the scripture, we find not just a blueprint or road map of how to live your personal life, but also a description of where your society is in relation to God’s judgement. After today’s message you will be left with little doubt that the decadent West is speeding along the much travelled highway to hell.

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Church of the Lampshade: Feel the Bern – GL 030320


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