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Church of the Lampshade: The Herd Mentality – GL 031020

Grandpa Lampshade asks if Jews are correct in referring to us as livestock (goyim), because many of us do behave like that.

This week’s show opens as always with the listener support mailbag. Last week was weak with only two supporters, however this week is much stronger as eight listeners have come through to show their support for the COTL. You are highly encouraged to not be a faggot and send some shekels (lol). That information can be found below.

From time to time the host will receive word from people that he’s just not talking about/blaming the Jews enough. While it’s fair to note the things these people do and point out that 2% of the population are wielding a vast amount of power over the other 98%, we do also have to ask ourselves why that is. If you’re going to complain that the 2% refer to the 98% as “Goyim cattle” then instead of having a knee jerk reaction about it one must ask, “But are they?”. If the 98% act like livestock and seem to want to be treated like livestock then are they not livestock? This isn’t to defend the actions of the 2%, but we do need to get real about the role and responsibility of the 98%. If you are attacked for speaking the truth and rocking the boat, I’m sure the 2% are quite likely to have a hand in that. However what you will also find is that the vast majority of those who will attack you for being a truth teller will actually be of the 98%.

Also up for discussion this week will be another illustration of what we’ve lost as a people and as a society. In this case, it’s “nice guys”. We all mock “white knights” and “beta cucks” and with good reason; those who refuse to accept the reality of the world around us and insist on doing the same thing even though it has never worked deserve to be ridiculed. Yet, isn’t it sad that we live in a society where guys who simply wish to treat women well and take care of them are now an object of ridicule? A man who dares to try and treat a woman well and take care of her is more than likely going to wind up being used, taken advantage of and manipulated while she goes out and has sex with random dudes who treat her like crap. This is where we are as a society. While those who refuse to accept that reality do deserve to be mocked, we should also bear in mind what a sad state of affairs it is that this is the state of our society. We have lost so much.

In the Christian specific segment this week: GPL will be going Old Testament once again and discussing Esau and Jacob. We are told in the scriptures that God loves Jacob and hates Esau (so much for God loves everyone, eh?). Yet at first glance, it honestly seems as though Esau is kind of getting a raw deal. But why though? Why does God hate Esau? Esau was handed and due the blessing of birthright first and yet he treated it with indifference right up until the point he lost it. Then suddenly he tried to claim it. This is very relevant for Christian believers in understanding the role they play. Just as relevant is understanding why those who today proclaim that the modern nation state of Israel and the modern so called “Jews” are God’s chosen people are incorrect. In pointing this out, it isn’t even necessary to go back and try to trace lineage. Instead one can simply point to the spiritual. Instead of arguing over whether or not they are descendants of Abraham, one would be better served to remember that Esau was also a descendant of Abraham.

It is always the hope of the host that this show will bring new information and perspective for the listener that perhaps they have not heard or considered before. This is the goal of and the purpose of doing this show week in and week out. Hopefully you have gained something from having spent an hour here. We will strive to do so once again next week, here at The Church of the Lampshade.

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Church of the Lampshade: The Herd Mentality – GL 031020


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