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Church of the Lampshade: Deflation, Inflation and Economic Collapse – GL 042120

Grandpa Lampshade explains how economic collapse is built into our monetary system before tackling an often misunderstood verse from the New Testament.

This week’s installment of The Church of the Lampshade is amazing. “Why?” you ask? Because the entire opening segment is listener supporter comment driven! One of the things that really sets this show apart from others is the fact that it is a two way conversation. It is not simply the host talking but the listeners also are a very active part of that conversation. It is unavoidable that in these corona clown times more and more people are noticing the fact that the economy is being imploded. What this means will be delved into this week from many different angles and hopefully in a manner that will drive you to consider things from a perspective that you hadn’t previously considered.

The most anticipated part and centerpiece of this show is the Christian specific message. This week’s message will highlight why that is. For this week, GPL will tackle one of those verses of scripture that is so often used to tempt the believer to doubt and that is Romans 13:1-7, where Paul admonishes that believers must submit to their rulers. Because this verse of scripture is so often used to attack the faith of the believers, it is long overdue that it gets broken down and tackled and who better to do that then the Reverend Lampshade?

Whether you are a first time listener who has just now stumbled in or a long time member of the congregation, you can’t help but to notice that this show is different from any other show out there and for good reason. This show strives to make an actual tangible difference in the life of the believer and not simply sitting around complaining about the world around us. One listen and you’ll understand. One listen and you too will want to be a part of the congregation at The Church of the Lampshade.

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Church of the Lampshade: Deflation, Inflation and Economic Collapse – GL 042120


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