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Church of the Lampshade: Healthcare Heroes – GL 051220

Grandpa Lampshade goes through letters from supporters and talks about how important it is for a woman to become a mother, before reminding listeners of how our faith is tested in order to strengthen us.

We are treated to a huge variety of topics this week, all thanks to input from the congregation! As always, the show opens with listener and supporter comments and if you want to take part in that and financially support the show, that information can be found below.

We are seeing various aspects of the 911 narrative being recycled with the corona one with a key aspect of it being the designated “heroes”. During 911, they were primarily the military and the police. In this round, the designated heroes are the healthcare workers. Why is this important? Because if you oppose the narrative being presented of the heroes, then that makes you a villain of sorts.

Another listener ponders the mark of the beast in relation to the implication of forced vaccinations. While many are speculating on the mark of the beast, sometimes the best way to get close to understanding prophecy is to stick with the basics. GPL will give you his take.

A female listener shares where she is at in life. She is in a place that many women find themselves with regards to relationships and children. Many are deceived by the lies of this world and one of the key elements in deceiving people is the manipulation of our general lack of understanding as to our place in time and the limited access thereof. This may sound confusing but it will all be explained here.

In the Christian specific segment this week, GPL will be bringing the white pills. Again, we live in a time of upheaval and change and many are feeling very gloomy about the world around them and life in general. This is not for you as a believer! Nothing you can give up, nothing you can lose, not even your very life can compare to the glory of the Kingdom of God. Scripture reference this week will be Romans 8:12-25

New listeners are showing up all the time and listeners who have been with this show have stayed. There is a reason. This is one of the most unique shows you will find anywhere. While many of the topics discussed here are discussed on other shows, you can only find this unique perspective here at The Church of the Lampshade.

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Church of the Lampshade: Healthcare Heroes – GL 051220


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