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Church of the Lampshade: The Tab is Due – GL 060220

Grandpa Lampshade looks at the orchestrated race riots before answering a question about last minute confessions.

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Needless to say, there are a ton of happenings right now and a ton of confusion to go right along with it. This week we will do our best to wade through it all in an attempt to gain a better understanding of what is happening all around us. There are riots and cities are burning, yet it is easy to miss the fact that much if not all of this is orchestrated. You are being presented visuals along with a narrative to convince you of what you are actually witnessing. Is this just a random well organized uprising of blacks over police brutality? Does that even sound realistic? This week’s show will dive head first into what is happening. One thing is for sure: while everyone may enjoy the party nobody enjoys it when the bill is due.

In the Christian specific message this week, a listener brings us back to the topic of last minute confessions. The Reverend Lampshade and the congregation will look at the confession of the criminal being executed along with Christ and the parable of the last minute laborers hired at the vineyard. At the end of the day one must remember that you cannot game God. You cannot trick the Lord nor can you outsmart or manipulate Him. He is justice and he knows everything better than you do, from your true motivations to the level of your sincerity and the more you seek your own glorification the further away from that you will be.

Likewise, the more you set that aside and seek what the Lord wants regardless of what is in it for you, the closer you come to achieving great things. It can sound confusing, but this is a natural consequence of living in the earthly realm while seeking for things of a spiritual nature.
In these tumultuous times, it is important not to get caught up in the narrative. An essential element of this is getting together to discuss things and seek the truth so you aren’t carried away by the lies which are being used to deceive and misdirect you. Make no mistake; America has run up a huge tab and now it is due to be paid. There is no “going back” to the party where it was fun. It’s time to turn out the lights because the party is over.

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Church of the Lampshade: The Tab is Due – GL 060220


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