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Church of the Lampshade: Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 – GL 070720

Grandpa Lampshade tries to alert people to the dire straits we are in and the remaining defences we have left to us, that require us to fight together and not amongst one another.

These are trying times but you are not alone, we congregate and fellowship right here each week at The Church of the Lampshade. As always, the show opens with the listener support mailbag and the mailbag is quite full this week. This is a fun and helpful way to take your show participation to the next level! If you want to be a part of it, the information for that can be found below.

The bedrock foundation of the show today is quite simple: the truth. Making this podcast could simply be about tossing red meat to the audience and telling them what they want to hear in exchange for accolades. However what would the point of a show like that be? While we do strive to make the show entertaining as well as thought provoking, the fundamental basis of what we are doing doesn’t change and that means speaking the truth.

This week, Grandpa Lampshade will be speaking the truth about the neo-Bolshevik revolution currently taking place. In so doing, he will also be turning over some uncomfortable truths that a few in the audience, even long time listeners, may find hard to accept. Some may be triggered and some may be angered, but hopefully also have the self discipline required to work through all that and ultimately ask whether or not it is the truth.

We are in the midst of a huge upheaval. These are extremely serious times and it is high time we started treating them as serious. The Marxists wield the power of government, corporations and the media at virtually all levels. This fact may tempt you to feel powerless, but remember you are not.
We have weapons we can use ourselves. We have the truth and we have ideas! It is time to talk to people about real ideas, because right now people are being set up to have only once choice once the current system collapses - the choice of Marxist rule by the oligarchs. So our task is to find ways to offer them the other options.

In the Christian specific segment this week, the Reverend Lampshade will once again be referencing the parable of the wheat and the tares. Regular listeners are aware that we have talked about this parable on multiple occasions. This isn’t due to a lack of material to work with, it is simply down to the fact that this is such a great illustration as to your role in this world as a Christian believer.

This week, GPL will be discussing your life as “self aware wheat” contrasted with those who are also wheat, but think that if they just act like weeds, the weeds will stop trying to choke them out. The bottom line is that no matter how much you may try to mimic the weeds, no matter how much you may adopt a degenerate lifestyle, no matter how much you may try to deny the truth, the weeds will still be going for you. Why? Because on a spiritual level they recognize that you are not them. You must never lose sight of that fact and even if you are not yet aware that you are not of this world, the world knows that you are not and it will be trying to choke you out with the weeds.

This weeks’ show is indeed a provocative one. Some things are going to be presented by the host that will be hard for some in the congregation to accept. However these things aren’t presented to drive you away but instead to draw you closer to the truth, because ultimately the truth is our greatest weapon. Your enemy fears the truth because they know that it makes the wheat grow and the one thing they cant control, is strong healthy wheat that is no longer scared of their lies.

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Church of the Lampshade: Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 – GL 070720


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