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Church of the Lampshade: No Free Press – GL 072120

Grandpa Lampshade looks at the pretence we make of having a free press, before discussing what it means to ‘hate your life’ in the Christian sense.

The Church of the Lampshade is back and 3/4 of the way to show #100! We just keep trucking on and a huge part of this is support from the listeners. As always, the show opens with the listener support mailbag and as always there are great avenues of discussion to be found in there. If you wish to be a part of financially supporting the show, you can find that information at the bottom of this page.

One thing those of us on the dissident right are often accused of, is somehow being against the notion of a free press. This couldn’t be less true. A free and independent press is vital to counter government corruption and to keep those in power in line. While the first amendment rights of the people continue to be trampled on daily, the media tells us that they somehow support free speech…meaning free speech for them. Indeed if they were a free and independent press, they should be protected by law. However they are anything but. Ask yourself this: if we have a free and independent press, why is it that they are all promoting the exact same stories, quoting the exact same “experts” and word for word repeating the exact same narrative? The fact is, we do not have a free press. Instead we have what amounts to the propaganda wing for the communist agenda.

In this week’s sermon, the Reverend Lampshade will be discussing victory in Christ and Jesus’ assertion that you have to “hate your life”. Hating your life is one of those things that on the surface, seems to be an unreasonable demand. After all, is Christ really telling us that we need to go around hating ourselves? For surely if we hate our lives then by extension we would be hating ourselves?
No. Instead Jesus is simply warning us that if we follow Him we will by definition be going where he has gone which is a path of persecution. Thus, if we are going to be in conflict with this world, we had best be of a mindset that our short time on this Earth is secondary to that which is eternal.
This hour will fly by before you know it as we continue to break new ground approaching things from a unique perspective that you won’t find anywhere else. Tune in just once and you to will be wanting to join The Church of the Lampshade.

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Church of the Lampshade: No Free Press – GL 072120


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