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Church of the Lampshade: AWOL Republicans - GL 080420

Grandpa Lampshade goes through the mailbag and shares his thoughts on coronavirus with us and the lack of a Republican response to it.

The Church of the Lampshade is back and as spicy as ever! This is one of the most interactive congregations you will find anywhere online where seeking the truth is the fundamental goal for all involved. Financial support from the congregation is essential and much appreciated. If you wish to be a part of that, you can find the information below. The back and forth with listeners is one of the best parts of the show when we cover the observations of the listeners which are never lacking for insightful content.

As we watch the nation descend into ever greater chaos and collapse, one can’t help but notice the Republicans are completely AWOL in countering any of this. Where are the Republicans standing with the people defending their towns? Where are the Republicans to demand a shutdown to unruly and destructive mobs? Where are the Republicans to stand and say that Anthony Fauci isn’t god and doesn’t get to decide that millions of people have to lose their livelihoods because he says so?

They are nowhere to be found and when they do turn up (usually around election time) they are spouting talking points from the 90’s; “muh abortion and muh second amendment”. Many are critical of those who are showing up armed to defend their communities but GPL asks, “What else are they supposed to do?!” If the system wasn’t a total failure, the Republicans would be sweeping up massive amounts of support by doing their job and protecting the people and communities that they supposedly represent.

Yet they do nothing. They make a show of complaining about the Democrats or they give a stern tongue lashing to CEOs of social media corporations while sitting idly by as those same corporations rob the people of even the ability to publicly complain about the destruction of their nation.

It is pretty much inevitable that the violence is going to escalate and it’s not real hard to see the pattern and know how the blame will be allocated. Yet the truth is if the blame were fairly allocated, a huge chunk of it would be laid at the feet of Republican politicians.

The Christian specific segment this week deals with wisdom and understanding vs the path of folly and foolishness. The Reverend Lampshade will go through Proverbs chapter 9 as a great illustration of the contrast between the two. Both wisdom and folly call to the simple (that is those who lack knowledge and understanding). While wisdom promises life and personal fulfillment, folly adorns herself as a prostitute and beckons you to a path of destruction and hell.

The Church of the Lampshade is unlike any other church you will find. There is no falling asleep at this here. There is no nodding off through the boring parts because there are no boring parts. Instead you will find a community of truth seekers, great bants, lively humor and insightful discussion. It’s the fastest hour on the internet. Listen once and you’ll look forward to Tuesdays from here on out. You’ll look forward to The Church of the Lampshade.

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Church of the Lampshade: AWOL Republicans - GL 080420


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