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Church of the Lampshade: Cringe Nationalism – GL 091520

Grandpa Lampshade points out some home truths before calling down judgement on America.

We haven’t been treated to a show that upsets the audience in a while, so why not this week? But before getting to angering the audience, GPL would like to recognize those who choose to financially support the show. It is much appreciated and if you still want to be a part of that, you can find that information at the bottom of this page.

This week’s general discussion will more than likely upset a significant portion of the audience. The easy path would be to simply do each show and spoon feed the audience what they want to hear. 
Heck, it might even bring in a few more dollars in financial support. However that’s not what we do here at this show. This show is about seeking and speaking the truth. Nationalism really isn’t a complicated thing or at least, it shouldn’t be. Real nationalism by its very definition has a racial element to it. Yet in America we have this convoluted notion of civic nationalism. Civic nationalists fail because they refuse to turn away from their supposed opponent’s narrative of a nation being a piece of paper, an idea or some vague set of always undefined “values”. This results in the civic nationalist always winding up defending the false narrative of those they claim to be in opposition to.

So if nationalism by its very definition features a racial component, what does that mean for Americans who are essentially like the mutts of the white race? A French nationalist movement would feature…well, Frenchmen. Likewise for the German, the Swede or the Fin. Yet in America there is no monolithic European group it’s simply “American”. This is convoluted further by the civic nationalist belief alluded to earlier. Thus, to insert the racial component in America one tends to use the general term “white”, as in White nationalism. Yet this term will pretty much be universally met with a negative reaction. Why is that? Many will respond that the reason is because of the media and how they’ve portrayed white nationalists and this is not all together incorrect. Yet, you do not control the media. Instead you control yourself. This week, we’ll take a look at the cringe behavior of white nationalists themselves and how that behavior can be the barrier between your message and the people themselves.

In the Christian specific segment this week, the Reverend Lampshade will once again discuss the topic of judgement. This can seem like beating a dead horse but just as it’s pretty much impossible to get away from discussing presidential politics during an election year, it’s pretty much impossible to get away from talking about judgment during a time of judgment against the nation.

Scripture reference this week will be Amos 5:10-15, Isaiah 59: 1-4 and Isaiah 59: 7-8.

It’s never a dull moment on this show. There is no phoning it in, there is no spoon feeding what the audience wants to hear, there is only a concerted effort to seek and find the truth. If you want to congregate together in search of truth, then you’ll want to be a member of The Church of the Lampshade.

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Church of the Lampshade: Cringe Nationalism – GL 091520


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