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Church of the Lampshade: Revisiting the Big Picture – GL 090120

Grandpa Lampshade explains how corona and BLM fit into the wider picture before sitting down for an uncucked church sermon.

The Church of the Lampshade is back once again with insightful commentary and a Christian specific message that you won’t find anywhere else. GPL extends a thank you to all those who tune in each week as well as a special thank you to those who choose to support the show financially. If you want to be a part of that, you can find the information at the bottom of this page.

If there’s one thing we are all about here at The Church of the Lampshade, it’s keeping an eye on the big picture. With constantly shifting narratives, it’s easy to get sucked into one particular aspect of what’s being presented to us and to lose sight of the other things that are going on. Thus, your humble host has decided to take a step back and remind you once again of the big picture.

The media is on a regular schedule now of cycling between the commie mob narrative and the corona virus narrative and it’s easy to fall into the trap of just thinking of these two things in terms of individual happenings instead of being a part of a larger operation against us, which is a color revolution taking place in our own country. Today we will step back and remind ourselves of what is really going on and not fall into the trap that the enemy has laid for us.

In the Christian specific sermon this week, the Reverend Lampshade takes a look at the controversial nature of Jesus. If you had to sum up Jesus as portrayed by the modern cuck church in a single word, it would have to be “nice”. Jesus was so…..nice. This is of course nothing like the Jesus portrayed in the scripture. Jesus was indeed compassionate. Jesus was NOT mean but he also was certainly NOT nice. In fact, Jesus was constantly stirring up controversy even when it appeared he didn’t really need to. In the scriptures we find that Jesus was not girly, He was not feminine, He was not a pushover and He was certainly not “nice”.

Scripture reference this week is Mathew 9:1-8

The Church of the Lampshade is a unique place. It’s more than just a podcast among other podcasts that you can find on the internet. This show is insightful, thoughtful and yes, controversial. And do you know what? That’s fine with us as we here at this Church believe that puts us in pretty good company.

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Church of the Lampshade: Revisiting the Big Picture – GL 090120


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