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Church of the Lampshade: Accelerationism and Societal Collapse – GL 110320

Grandpa Lampshade gets ready for election excitement and explains the concept of the holy Trinity.

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In a twist of fate, this week’s instalment of the show falls on election day in the U.S. While the show is pre-recorded, it is nonetheless full of election day topics and with election day now upon us, it is not unfathomable that we will be at yet another critical turning point in the collapse of this society. If 2020 had to be categorized a certain way, “The Year Societal Collapse Became Apparent” would be a correct assumption.

Societal collapse is as inevitable as the empty promises to “Bring us all together” are observably unrealistic. The oligarchs obviously want to replace the collapsing society with something along the lines of Communism 2.0, while the rest of us are hoping for something better. In amongst all of this is the notion of ‘accelerationism’. Some have put forth the notion that they actually support giving the communists more power, because that will somehow equal winning. While these people may be well meaning, their position is completely illogical and this week GPL will lay out why that is.

In the much anticipated Christian specific segment this week, the Reverend Lampshade will discuss the concept of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Are they one and the same? Are they individual beings? Are these simply different names for the same thing? This topic was chosen because on numerous occasions this has proved to be a subject of contention among believers. This need not be. The only reason there is contention when it comes to this topic, is a lack of understanding. However that need not be the case any longer as GPL will illustrate in an easy to understand manner.

Scripture references will be:

1 Corinthians 12:1-12

John 14:7-18

It’s probably the fastest hour (yes it’s actually an hour this week) on the internet. With the show airing on what may very well be a very chaotic election day, many of you may find it tempting to miss this week’s episode. However rest assured you most definitely will not want to be miss this week’s election day instalment of The Church of the Lampshade.

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Church of the Lampshade: Accelerationism and Societal Collapse – GL 110320


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