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Church of the Lampshade: What Makes a Patriot? – GL 121220

Grandpa Lampshade presents the last episode under this title in preparation for a relaunch next week.

This will be the final instalment of the show under the banner of The Church of the Lampshade as next week we will be gathering in the Parish of the Patriots. Again you are reminded that the show itself is not changing, in fact the episode count will continue (in other words, next week’s show will be episode #97) only the title of the show is receiving a much overdue rebranding.

As always we open with the listener supporter mailbag. Both your insight and financial support are much appreciated. If you wish to be among the less than 1% who financially support this work, you can find that information below.

With the upcoming name change it’s timely to discuss exactly what constitutes being a patriot. This term as with so many others, is often tossed about in our society with little to no thought of what it actually means. Yet if words are left undefined they by extension have no actual meaning. They are simply platitudes or insults, depending on the context. Thus this week, we will be driving down on what exactly it means to be a patriot. As you strive to promote truth you will be called any number of names by your enemies. Gird yourselves against these insults and remember that you are a indeed a patriot.

In the Christian specific segment the Reverend Lampshade will be discussing men as unreasoning (brute) beasts. When you see quotes about the goyim being as livestock or cattle, it is easy to simply be insulted by this without asking whether or not it is correct. If you watch a crowd of people trample over one another to run their credit card up on black Friday, in order to buy a bunch of cheap crap they don’t need, it’s difficult to argue against the notion that the people are indeed like cattle.

So are the people nothing more than animals? The non believer would quite possibly answer “Yes”. However it’s undeniable that people are different to a deer or a pig. So what sets them apart? Perhaps the simplest term to illustrate this would be “sentience”. Yet where does this sentience come from? When you see people acting as though they are nothing more than livestock, it appears they don’t posses much sentience.

At the end of the day, the closer you are to God, the less like a brute beast you will be. Thus, when you see the masses of people acting as though they are nothing more than animals, it is safe to conclude that they have been driven further and further away from their creator and the eternal. Your role as a child of God is to stand firmly planted as close as you possibly can to the Lord. Simply by living your day to day life in as godly a manner as possible you can draw people away from being nothing more than animals and closer to what God has intended for them to be.

Next week we will be gathering under a new show name. However the congregation and the striving for the truth will remain unchanged. Let us be sure to gather together once again next week in the Parish of the Patriots.

Keep the faith


Merry Christmas!

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Church of the Lampshade: What Makes a Patriot? – GL 121220


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