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Truth Will Out Radio: White Democide


Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to discuss the latest chapter in his new documentary series Communism by the Back Door.

Chapter 12 deals with the politically engineered destruction of the White race, pulling together the various different strands dealt with in the series and looking at them all as a unified attack upon our people. The government itself has been turned into a weapon against us, being used to enforce policies designed from the start to cause us harm.

The immigration into Europe is just the latest stage in a millennia long assault upon the White man, that has seen us lose all our old empires and lands. The most recent ones to have fallen were in South Africa and Dennis explains how the Neo-Cons in America and the Tories in Britain were aiding the Black communists to take over, while denouncing them as terrorists to the general public.

The Blacks have been used by the Marxists to sow chaos all over the world through the civil rights movement, which is basically just a way to take rights away from White people, rights such as the right to free-association, the right to free-speech and the right to be judged on your merit and achievements. Once this had been achieved they moved on to creating new minorities to divide us and started promoting homosexuals and feminists, with the aim of destroying the family.

The new darlings of the Left are the trans-genders, who probably make up only 0.01% of the population if that, but still everything must be changed to suit them. Education, documentation and even public bathrooms must all be based around having no gender to avoid offending them, which leaves everyone else messed-up, confused and intruded upon while doing nothing to help address the harmful self-delusions that these poor people are suffering from.

The resistance against all this is growing though, especially in Eastern Europe, where various heads of former communist countries have openly defied the EU and refused to take any immigrants, with some placing all Moslems already within their nations under surveillance and making new laws, to enable them to protect their own borders.

The final scene in the new chapter is of Putin, speaking up about the plummeting White birth rate and how the West have turned morality on its head. Dennis addresses some of the criticism he has received for his support of Putin and explains how you have to weigh the good against the bad and compare him with the politicians of the West, in order to get a balanced view.

Co-hosted by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: White Democide


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  1. Good interview. Wake up White people!

  2. I agree, I believe most of Europe was blond and blue-eyed. Then because of race-mixing starting during the Roman Empire, muslim expansion and so on, many are of darker complexion.

    1. White people in Europe always had a wide range of hair and eye colour going back thousands of years, if you look at the record of the earliest historians. Even the Hindu word for 'caste' meant colour and it certainly did not mean the colour of the skin, as all non-Whites were not even classed as men.

      Darker hair and eyes does not necessarily mean non-White admixture, although that is a lot more common now, especially in Southern Europe. Non-White admixture causes far more striking changes than just hair and eye colour, such as change in skull shape and bodily proportions, not to mention the character deficiencies and mental instability that it also brings.

  3. This explain the muslim problem:

    1. Yeah, thats a great video, we played it on here last week and featured it at the weekend.



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