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Patriotic Alternative Archive

Patriotic Alternative is a community based outreach project for Nationalists led by Mark Collett and Laura Towler. As well as offline activities, the community produce two conferences a year, a monthly update, a film club and a book club. These podcasts will give you an idea of the sort of community we wish to build and what we have to offer society.


PA Monthly Update: November – PA 112621 Link

PA Film Club: Taxi Driver – PA 111421 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Laura Towler – PA 11022106 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Paul Stevenson – PA 11022105 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Jody Kay – PA 11022104 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Wesley Russell – PA 11012103 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Sam Melia – PA 11012101 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Mark Collett – PA 11012101 Link

PA Monthly Update: October – PA 103121 Link

PA Book Club: The Year America Died by Greg Johnson – PA 102421 Link

PA Film Club: The Thing – PA 11021 Link

PA Book Club: Dr David Duke on ‘The Secret Behind Communism’ – PA 092621 Link

PA Monthly Update: September – PA 092421 Link

PA Film Club: Gran Torino – PA 091221 Link

PA Book Club: Greg Johnson’s White Identity Politics – PA 082921 Link

PA Monthly Update: August – PA 082721 Link

PA Film Club: This Is England – PA 081521 Link

PA Book Club - Oswald Mosley and British Fascism – PA 072521 Link

PA Monthly Update: June – PA 062521 Link

PA Update: May – PA 052821 Link


Patriotic Alternative Conference: Jason Kohne – PA 0314206 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Laura Towler – PA 0314205 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Millennial Woes – PA 0314204 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Simon Harris – PA 0314203 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Dionne Moller – PA 0314202 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Mark Collet – PA 0314201 Link


Patriotic Alternative Conference: Professor Edward Dutton – PA 0909196 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Millennial Woes – PA 0909195 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Laura Towler – PA 0909193 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference: On the Offensive – PA 0909192 Link

Patriotic Alternative Conference: Mark Collett – PA 0909191 Link

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