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Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Jody Kay – PA 11022104

Mark Collett introduces Jody Kay who talks about what inspires her.

We all have gifts and they are given to us that we might use them to help people. 

But Jody fell for the fake rebellion and the false idea of freedom, thinking she was making the world a better place by supporting degenerate ideas.

So her energy was really being wasted on herself through feminism until her searching for the truth took her to Nationalism.

Mark’s book struck a chord and she realised the truth of what he was saying, so she came back to England to join our community.

She finishes by explaining how her faith has kept her strong since then, in the face of doxing and ostracization

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Speech by Jody Kay

Patriotic Alternative Conference 2021: Jody Kay – PA 11022104


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