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Statement on Accusations of ‘Anti-Semitism’

Our views here at Radio Albion are continually being refined as more information becomes available and the conversation progresses. We may not have started out thinking entirely like this, but we certainly have for the last few years and we hope that our listeners have reached similar conclusions.

We do not believe our content is anti-Semitic any more than it is anti-British, anti-American or anti-Chinese. We discuss all sorts of subjects relevant to those of us who are of European heritage, this includes global politics, current events, history and religion. We do not believe any group in society should be above scrutiny, yet the only group whose behaviour we feel entitled to actually judge is our own group, which is of European descent.

We specifically do not put value judgements on other extended kinship groups' activities, if they are of benefit to that group then we have no right to condemn them. We are more concerned with how our own group behaves than how the other groups in society behave. Of course you learn the most about yourself by observing others, so we do discuss our observations on the various groups but only with a view to improving our own behaviour and we never blame anyone else but ourselves for what we observe. We are after all living in European countries built by Europeans, if there is anything we don't like happening in them, we only have ourselves to blame.

Jews certainly do not have anything to fear from us and we are not hostile towards Jews. We believe Jews show some very admirable traits that we wish our own people would show more of, such as the Jewish sense of solidarity and identity, two things that we see missing from among most ethnic Europeans.

We see life as being a competition between extended kinship groups and the goal being to advance your own extended kinship group's interests. Jews have been very successful at this over the last century and we believe this to be down to them capitalising on what they do best and utilising it to help them, particularly in areas such as networking, intellectual movements and media creation. This is exactly what we would expect to see Jews doing and their success is a tribute to them, it is what our own particular group is doing that we think could do with improvement.

Seeing life as a competition does not mean you hate the other competitors, we understand that without competitors there would be no competition, or challenges to rise to and we see Jews as being very resourceful competitors. They have much smaller numbers than us, but higher average IQ, higher vocabulary skills and often better financial and business acumen, while we as Europeans have our own character resources that we wish we would utilise more.

We do not believe this to be an 'anti-Semitic' view and it is the view that we try to promote here at Radio Albion. Like other projects based around ethnicity that provide news of interest to their people group, we try to provide news of interest to our people group and the sources used are always clearly identified. There may be some humour involved at times, but there is never any violent or hateful intent behind any of it. We poke fun at all groups in society, particularly our own.

If you are hostile towards Jews, then perhaps we can help change that viewpoint for one that is more understanding of the differences between people groups. The way for Europeans to win this competition is through doing good for our own extended kinship group, not through wishing harm upon the other groups.

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