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Real Britannia Archive

Sven Longshanks is joined by Max Musson, who brings 40 years of experience as an activist with him to discuss topics of particular relevance to Britain. The first half of the show covers news and politics, while the second half is usually devoted to a presentation on one of our ‘Greatest Britons’.

Real Britannia: Whiteness is Racism – RB 022023 Link

Real Britannia: Protests and a Riot – RB 021323 Link

Real Britannia: Ancestral Ties – RB 020623 Link

Real Britannia: Sharing the Diversity Burden – RB 013023 Link

Real Britannia: Changes to Policing – RB 012323 Link

Real Britannia: UK Terror Laws and a Child Tragedy – RB 011623 Link

Real Britannia: Preventing Extremism – RB 020123 Link


Real Britannia: The Ngozi Fulani Scandal – RB 120522 Link

Real Britannia: Record Migration After Brexit – RB 112822 Link

Real Britannia: The Alcohol Free World Cup – RB 112122 Link

Real Britannia: Hancock in the Jungle - RB 111422 Link

Real Britannia: Legal But Harmful – RB 110722 Link

Real Britannia: Sir Francis Galton and Eugenics – RB 102422 Link

Real Britannia: Governance by Media – RB 101722 Link

Real Britannia: Conservative Confused Messaging – RB 101022 Link

Real Britannia: UK Financial Woes – RB 100322 Link

Real Britannia: Leicester Race Riots – RB 092622 Link

Real Britannia: Pomp and Pageantry – RB 091922 Link

Real Britannia: Rapid Change – RB 091222 Link

Real Britannia: Carnival Carnage – RB 090522 Link

Real Britannia: Price Cap Poverty – RB 082922 Link

Real Britannia: Privatisation – RB 082222 Link

Real Britannia: Ditching the Woke Witch Trials – RB 080822 Link

Real Britannia: No Difference Between Them – RB 080122 Link

Real Britannia: Discrimination or Privilege? – RB 070222 Link

Real Britannia: 40 Years Since the Falklands – RB 062722 Link

Real Britannia: The Spanish Armada – RB 061322 Link

Real Britannia: The Platinum Jubilee – RB 060622 Link

Real Britannia: Legalised Imperialism – RB 052922 Link

Real Britannia: Nationalist Pretenders – RB 050922 Link

Real Britannia: Brothers at War Again – RB 040922 Link

Real Britannia: One Rule For Them – RB 042522 Link

Real Britannia: Britain’s Response to Russia in Ukraine – RB 031422 Link

Real Britannia: Gas, Oil, Coal and Cobalt – RB 022122 Link

Real Britannia: A Blank Cheque for Ukraine? – DN 012922 Link

Real Britannia: Boris Refuses Another Lockdown – RB 011722 Link

Real Britannia: Two Sides of the Same Elite – RB 011022 Link


Real Britannia: Real Men – RB 122021 Link

Real Britannia: Bojo’s Christmas Covid Party – RB 121321 Link

Real Britannia: Ominous Omicron – RB 112921 Link

Real Britannia: The Imperial War Museum’s Hiphop Display – RB 112221 Link

Real Britannia: Remembering the Fallen – RB 111521 Link

Real Britannia: Prehistoric Climate Change – RB 110721 Link

Real Britannia: Ridley Road II – RB 102421 Link

Real Britannia: Conservative Surgery Horror – RB 101821 Link

Real Britannia: Ridley Road – RB 101121 Link

Real Britannia: Monster Rather Than Man – RB 100421 Link

Real Britannia: The UK Jet Ski Armada Force – RB 091321 Link

Real Britannia: Biometrics – RB 090521 Link

Real Britannia: Britain’s Failure in Afghanistan – RB 082321 Link

Real Britannia: The Black Boy Clock Controversy – RB 081621 Link

Real Britannia: Priti Patel’s Illegal Immigration Failure – RB 080921 Link

Real Britannia: Back to How it Was Before – RB 080221 Link

Real Britannia: Football Failure and ‘Racist’ Libel – DN 071921 Link

Real Britannia: Statue Controversies at Home and Abroad – RB 070321 Link

Real Britannia: Beauty and the Factory System – RB 062921 Link

Real Britannia: The Workshop of the World – RB 062121 Link

Real Britannia: Shame on the England Team – RB 061421 Link

Real Britannia: The Border Force Taxi Service – RB 060721 Link

Real Britannia: The Sasha Johnson Shooting – RB 053121 Link

Real Britannia: Autarky and the Virus – RB 051721 Link

Real Britannia: Labour’s Local Election Wipeout – RB 051021 Link

Real Britannia: Rudyard’s People – RB 050321 Link

Real Britannia: How to Avoid Charges of Intent – RB 042621 Link

Real Britannia: The Best of Britain and the Worst of Brixton – RB 041821 Link

Real Britannia: Farewell to the Iron Duke – RB 041121 Link

Real Britannia: White Privilege in the Cotton Mills – RB 032921 Link

Real Britannia: Vaccine Nationalism – RB 032121 Link

Real Britannia: The Falklands War – RB 031521 Link

Real Britannia: Prince Harry and the Monarchy – RB 030821 Link

Real Britannia: The Token White Man – RB 030121 - Link

Real Britannia: Positive Publicity for Positive Ethnocentrism – RB 022221 Link

Real Britannia: ‘Patriotic’ Labour – RB 021521 Link

Real Britannia: Captain Tom’s Legacy – RB 020821 Link

Real Britannia: Asylum Seeking Arsonists – RB 020121 Link

Real Britannia: Snow to Lift Our Spirits – RB 012521 Link

Real Britannia: Helping the Virus – RB 011821 Link

Real Britannia: The New Strain – RB 010421 Link


Real Britannia: Judges Set Free Speech Precedent – RB 122120 Link

Real Britannia: The Great British Fish Theft – RB 121420 Link

Real Britannia: George ‘Geordie’ Stephenson – RB 120720 Link

Real Britannia: The Lady With the Lamp – RB 113020 Link

Real Britannia: Anti-Vax Speech Crimes – RB 112320 Link

Real Britannia: Brexit Betrayal? – RB 111620 Link

Real Britannia: Election Fraud in Established Democracies – RB 110920 Link

Real Britannia: The Great Rest – RB 103120 Link

Real Britannia: Love Your Nation – RB 102620 Link

Real Britannia: Homogeneity Is a Strength – RB 101820 Link

Real Britannia: The Thin Red Line – RB 101220 Link

Real Britannia: Between the Invasions – RB 100520 Link

Real Britannia: Unleash the Elephant! – RB 092820 Link

Real Britannia: Caesar’s Second Invasion - RB 092120 Link

Real Britannia: Oaths, Treaties and International Law - RB 091420 Link

Real Britannia: British Fish and Chips – RB 090720 Link

Real Britannia: The Dynasty of Brutus – RB 083120 Link

Real Britannia: Rishi’s Magic Money Tree – RB 082420 Link

Real Britannia: Real History – RB 081720 Link

Real Britannia: Eugenics and Dysgenics – RB 080920 Link

Real Britannia: LA Waddell – RB 072720 Link

Real Britannia: The Covid Death Stat Scandal – RB 072020 Link

Real Britannia: Land of Woke and Sorry – RB 071320 Link

Real Britannia: Ending Racism? – RB 062920 Link

Real Britannia: The Patriot Trap – RB 061520 Link

Real Britannia: Bend the Knee and Submit! – RB 060820 Link

Real Britannia: Hypocrisy in High Places – RB 060120 Link

Real Britannia: Family Comes First – RB 052520 Link

Real Britannia: The Will to Succeed – RB 051820 Link

Real Britannia: The Selkirk Spirit – RB 051120 Link

Real Britannia: Good King Edward I – RB 050420 Link

Real Britannia: English Pride – RB 042720 Link

Real Britannia: The Righteous Rule of Edward I – RB 042020 Link

Aryan Britannia: Government to Investigate Virus Inequalities – AB 041220 Link

Aryan Britannia: Anglophobia – AB 040620 Link

Aryan Britannia: A Genuine Case of Virulent Anti-Semitism – AB 033020 Link

Aryan Britannia: Coronacrisis – AB 032320 Link

Aryan Britannia: Conservative in Name Only Once Again – AB 030920 Link

Aryan Britannia: Diversity Means Replacing Every Last White Man – AB 030220 Link

Aryan Britannia: A Free Speech Victory – AB 021720 Link

Aryan Britannia: Real Bravery and Modern Bravery – AB 021020 Link

Aryan Britannia: Boadicea’s Rebellion – AB 020320 Link

Aryan Britannia: White Privilege Fails White Police Officer – AB 012720 Link

Aryan Britannia: Actions Speak Louder Than Words – AB 012020 Link

Aryan Britannia: Piety and Hypocrisy – AB 011320 Link

Aryan Britannia: Labour Leaders and Real Leadership – AB 010620 Link


Aryan Britannia: The Importance of Oath Keeping – AB 121619 Link

Aryan Britannia: Alfred the Great and Khan the Least – AB 120219 Link

Aryan Britannia: Comfortably Numb – AB 112519 Link

Aryan Britannia: Hostile Environment or Most Welcoming Ever? – AB 111819 Link

Aryan Britannia: Be Prepared – AB 111119 Link

Aryan Britannia: First Baron Baden Powell – AB 090419 Link

Aryan Britannia: Scouting for Grownups – AB 102719 Link

Aryan Britannia: Victory at Trafalgar and Boris Betrayed – AB 102119 Link

Aryan Britannia: British Archetypes – AB 101419 Link

Aryan Britannia: Captain Cook Fearless Adventurer – AB 100719 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Dead Parliament – AB 093019 Link

Aryan Britannia: Prom Saboteurs – AB 092319 Link

Aryan Britannia: Marriage – AB 091619 Link

Aryan Britannia: Bojo Pogoes the Parliament – AB 090219 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Reparations Scandal – AB 082619 Link

Aryan Britannia: Chicken Shops Can be Dangerous for Your Health – AB 081919 Link

Aryan Britannia: Zoomers Want Fascism – AB 081219 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Purpose of Being – AB 080319 Link

Aryan Britannia: Tommy Movement Sabotage – AB 072919 Link

Aryan Britannia: Capitalism and the Environment – AB 072219 Link

Aryan Britannia: Jamala Bond 007 – AB 071519 Link

Aryan Britannia: No White Doctors Available – AB 070819 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Windrush Monument – AB 062419 Link

Aryan Britannia: Character Matters – AB 061719 Link

Aryan Britannia: Conservatives on Coke – AB 061019 Link

Aryan Britannia: Positive Censorship – AB 060619 Link

Aryan Britannia: Theresa May’s Legacy – AB 052719 Link

Aryan Britannia: Dirty Tricks on the Campaign Trail – AB 052019 Link

Aryan Britannia: Death Threats and Election Intimidation – AB 051319 Link

Aryan Britannia: May’s Brexit Failure Leads to Local Election Wipeout – AB 050619 Link

Aryan Britannia: UK Populists Drive Fever Pitch Hysteria – AB 042919 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Rising Star of Sargon of Akkad – AB 042219 Link

Aryan Britannia: Nigel the Narcissist – AB 041519 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Leftist Supremacist Mindset – AB 040819 Link

Aryan Britannia: Brexit Betrayal and Jayda Found Guilty – AB 040119 Link

Aryan Britannia: Counterfeit Democracy – AB 032519 Link

Aryan Britannia: Brexit Blackmail – AB 031819 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Fantasies of Dianne Abbott – AB 031119 Link

Aryan Britannia: Tommy Turns the Tables – AB 022519 Link

Aryan Britannia: Climate Change Commie-Kids – AB 021819 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Usual Suspects – AB 020419 Link

Aryan Britannia: Radio Aryan in the News – AB 012119 Link

Aryan Britannia: Brexit Treason at Westminster – AB 011419 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Foreign Aid Scam – AB 010719 Link


Aryan Britannia: War in France Forces Africans to Flee for Britain – AB 123118 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Political Expression of Nature – AB 122418 Link

Aryan Britannia: May Refuses to Step Down – AB 121718 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Sonnenkrieg Arrests – AB 121018 Link

Aryan Britannia: And Still They Keep Flooding in – AB 120318 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Tyranny of the EU – AB 112618 Link

Aryan Britannia: Vigilantes and the Verdict  – AB 111918 Link

Aryan Britannia: Humiliation and Hypocrisy Over the War – AB 111218 Link

Aryan Britannia: Faurisson Swansong – AB 102918 Link

Aryan Britannia: White Slaves and Moslem Masters – AB 102218 Link

Aryan Britannia: A Child Called Adolf – AB 101418 Link

Aryan Britannia: Black Forest Ghetto – AB 100818 Link

Aryan Britannia: Left Wing Bigotry and Bullying of Children – AB 100118 Link

Aryan Britannia: Call the Police My Feelings Have Been Hurt – AB 091718 Link

Aryan Britannia: White Victims of Non-White Doctors Ask Why? – AB 091018 Link

Aryan Britannia: Serve the Many and Not the Jew – AB 090318 Link

Aryan Britannia: Jeremy Claims Zionists Dont Understand Irony – AB 082718 Link

Aryan Britannia: Moderate Moslems But No Moderate Nationalists – AB 082018 Link

Aryan Britannia: Boris Johnson’s Burka Joke Scandal – AB 081318 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Social Dynamics of Diversity – AB 080618 Link

Aryan Britannia: For Britain Against Islam – AB 072918 Link

Aryan Britannia: Fully Fledged Neo-Nazis – AB 072218 Link

Aryan Britannia: Gerard Batten and the Free Tommy Protest – AB 071618 Link

Aryan Britannia: Treason May’s Brexit Shambles – AB 070818 Link

Aryan Britannia: Stabbed for Putting Stickers Up – 070218 Link

Aryan Britannia: Brexiteers Talk Kalergi Plan – AB 082518 Link

Aryan Britannia: Trials and Tribulations –AB 061818 Link

Aryan Britannia: A Folk Hero in the Making – AB 061018 Link

Aryan Britannia: Gleanings from the Ghetto – AB 060418 Link

Aryan Britannia: Some Are More Equal Than Others – AB 052818 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Royal Travesty – AB 052018 Link

Aryan Britannia: Jez Turner and the Working Definition of Anti-Semitism – AB 051418 Link

Aryan Britannia: The Two-Tier System – AB 050718 Link

Aryan Britannia: A Hostile Environment for Gentiles – AB 043018 Link

Aryan Britannia: Third Nipple Phobia – AB 042318 Link

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