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Real Britannia: The UK Jet Ski Armada Force – RB 091321

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss current government policies and start a presentation on Captain Scott of the Antarctic.

Britain’s new jet ski armada is just the latest in a long line of failed attempts to stop illegal immigration across the channel.

The numbers keep increasing while the indigenous birth rate keeps going down, causing a need for hundreds of thousands of new homes.

The resulting increase in need for resources, will put massive strain on our infrastructure and power cuts will likely happen.

Although the lockdown is being used as the excuse, increases in NI contributions and Council Tax are on the way.

Captain Scott was from a wealthy family, yet he was working at just 13 years of age on naval vessels high up the top of the rigging.

He showed outstanding skills at an early age and a chance meeting would lead to him later leading the first trip to the Antarctic. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Real Britannia: The UK Jet Ski Armada Force – RB 091321


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