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Disclaimer: Use of this website means you are agreeing not to take offence at any of the views or language expressed within. 

This website contains discussion of controversial subjects and we claim the right to having an 'academic interest' and a 'journalistic interest' in them. Our resident academic who exclusively publishes his weekly lectures here for open source peer review is Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson, PhD. who has been with us since April 2016. He and the other hosts here are all citizen journalists giving their time for free to a greater cause than their own.

Nationalism, Civic Nationalism and Patriotism

Nationalism is a creed based upon love for one’s own people group or nation and a desire to preserve that people group and for it to thrive. The word ‘Nationalist’ is derived from the Latin ‘Natal’ which means ‘Birth’, thus we affirm that a Nation is a people connected by birth, an extended family united through their ancestry and a Nationalist is an individual who puts the well being of their extended family at the centre of his life.

Being a Nationalist implies respect for Nationalists from other people groups and an understanding that their struggle to do their best for their people, is no different in essence to our struggle to do the same and is just as commendable. To not accept this and to resent that natural ethnocentric impulse in other groups, is hypocritical.

We believe that if countries were based around ethnicity, rather than citizenship and all individuals were taught to put their people first, the world would be a far happier place and the natural competition there is between people groups, would take place between countries rather than within countries, the natural result of which can only be to pull a country in multiple directions at once. 

A ‘Civic Nationalist’ is a ‘Patriot’ who supports the concept of the nation being a people group united through citizenship, rather than through ancestral ties.

A ‘Patriot’ is anyone who loves the country of which they are a citizen.

Radio Albion Content

This Radio Network is created by and is intended for, Nationalists who are European through their ethnicity or ancestry, but we believe genuine Nationalists of any ethnicity will find the content here beneficial, either in understanding the European character, or maybe even in finding out lesser known parts of their own history, or perhaps hearing for the first time history told from a competing ethnicity's point of view.

Any archaic terms found on the website are used in the interests of accuracy and are not intended to be pejoratives. 

The use of 'Radio Albion' audio or intellectual property for re-broadcast or re-publication whole or in part is strictly prohibited without written permission from 'Sven Longshanks'.

Anyone doing so without consent, is accepting responsibility for any offence taken by others upon seeing or hearing it out of context. Our podcasts are intended for private use and are intended to be understood with reference to the wider context and goals of this website.

Our content is created by Nationalists for Nationalists, with the intention of promoting traditional moral virtues among our European people groups and encouraging listeners to set a good example to others. Our content may not have this effect on non-Nationalists, as it is not specifically crafted for them. 

Hearing about the good things Europeans are capable of, will encourage self improvement among European Nationalists and respect for our ancestors, but it may have a different effect on others, some may be indifferent or even strongly disagree with our interpretation of particular historical events. We welcome reasonable comments, criticism and questions in our comment section, but request that commenters make their ethnicity known if it does not originate within Europe.

We do not produce recruitment propaganda and we are not a membership organisation, we strive to inform, educate, entertain and uplift those who have already discovered the truth about Nationalism. Go somewhere else if you are looking for public recruitment propaganda, but do come here if you are interested in looking at the world through a positive European ethnocentric lens, with an emphasis on objectivity and cultural relativity, particularly when observing ethnocentric strategies detected in other groups.

Anyone who may be susceptible to blaming others for our misfortunes, will not find that view reinforced in our podcasts. We take responsibility for our own actions here, meaning the actions of our people group past and present, as well as our own individual actions today.

You will be helped to learn some self control here and be reminded that we ourselves are responsible for the predicament that our ethnicities are in. The only area where we have the power to make positive change to improve that situation, is within our own individual lives and thus in the lives of those in close proximity to us. 

Acts of violence inspired by hatred of any other people group or minority of any kind, are entirely counter-productive to our cause and we strongly condemn any that have been carried out by anyone identifying as, or who has been identified as, an ethno-nationalist.

Our message is a message of love for our own people group and an example that we wish to see followed by all people groups.

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If you find anything on the website that you think could be interpreted as an incitement to hatred or violence, please leave a message in the chatroom pointing it out so the concern can be addressed in a timely manner.

You can do that HERE

You can find a response to accusations of 'anti-Semitism' in the King's College report HERE

Jared Taylor: 'If there is no peaceful solution, then we have no solution' (violence is not an option)

Acts 4:20 'For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.'

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