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Patriotic History Archive

The White race is the only race that is at home wherever it goes on earth, because historically it was the only race technologically advanced and intellectually sharp enough to do so. This series looks at the connection between the White race and civilization and investigates the origins of the empires of antiquity and our nations of today. It also looks at race in myth and religion and it is hoped the series will provide listeners with an understanding of the back story leading up to our current struggle. The series is presented by Sven Longshanks and The Patriart.

Patriotic History: The Importance of Cornish Tin – PH 071621 Link

Patriotic History: Ancient Technology – PH 070921 Link

Patriotic History: The Confusion of Tongues – PH 070221 Link

Patriotic History: The City of Babel – PH 061821 Link

Patriotic History: The Flood – PH 061121 Link

Patriotic History: Sumer and the Fertile Crescent – PH 060421 Link

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