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Patriotic History: Howel the Good I – DN 022423

Sven Longshanks, TruthVids and PatriArt look at the great Welsh lawgiver and some of the judgements he gave his name to.

After Alfred the Great had passed away, Igmund the Dane’s army was smashed at Anglesey by Anarawd and when Hywel Dda became King of Wales, he codified the Welsh laws in a similar way to how Alfred did.

RW Morgan claims they ‘are by far the greatest literary work of the dark ages in Europe’.

They explain how a foreigner could only become naturalised after three to nine generations of his family, with none of them breaking any laws.

They also had to have a Welsh freeman as their guarantor and up until they were naturalised, they held the same legal status as a slave.

The law system was based on the rights of the people, rather than rights of the king or state.

Notes for this episode can be found HERE

Presented by Sven Longshanks, TruthVids and PatriArt

Patriotic History: Howel the Good I – DN 022423


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