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Patriotic History: Caractacus the Pendragon – PH 070122

Sven Longshanks and the PatriArt detail the battles and eventual subjugation of the great British military general and King.

The best generals in the Roman empire were arrayed against Caradoc, one after the other, yet still he continued resisting.

After entering Rome during a truce, he exclaimed surprise that people who lived in marble palaces should be jealous of his tent.

Eventually he was captured by the Romans, but only through treachery on the part of a tribal queen.

Thanks to his house arrest at Rome his family became Christian and the Palatium Britannicum the first Church in Rome.

A second wave of missionaries led by Aristobulus then returned to Britain, with Caradoc’s father, Bran the blessed.

Notes for this episode can be found HERE

Presented by Sven Longshanks and the PatriArt

Patriotic History: Caractacus the Pendragon – PH 070122


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