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The Daily Nationalist: More Research Needed on Transgender Treatments – DN 031423

Sven Longshanks contrasts a medical report from Norway on transgender treatments for children, with Joe Biden’s support for these medical interventions.

Norway’s medical watchdog has warned that cross hormones and surgery for children is an experimental treatment and not enough research has been done on the long term effects, or even on whether gender dysphoria could just be a transient stage in a child’s development.

They are saying that it is only an experimental treatment that can lead to bone damage and infertility, while Joe Biden is claiming it is ‘cruel’ to make children wait until they are 18 to start these treatments.

But what is more cruel, making someone wait until they can give informed consent, or removing a girl’s breasts and sterilising them when they may just have been a tomboy?

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: More Research Needed on Transgender Treatments – DN 031423


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