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Patriotic History: Boadicea – PH 070822

Sven Longshanks and PatriArt discuss the Boadicean uprising and the destruction of the Jewish temple.

Seneca the usurer called in his loans to the Iceni and when they asked for more time, the Romans raped Boadicea and her daughters.

At the same time, another legion marched on the Druidic sanctuary in Anglesey and torched the groves.

In response, the British tribes united and torched London, killing 70,000 Romans.

Boadicea eventually lost and soon after Vespasian and Titus destroyed Jerusalem, putting down a Jewish revolt famed for its depravity.

Notes for this episode can be found HERE

Presented by Sven Longshanks and PatriArt

Patriotic History: Boadicea – PH 070822


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