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Real Britannia: Carnival Carnage – RB 090522

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson look at Notting Hill carnival and the life of Lawrence of Arabia.

The carnival saw 2 police women molested, hundreds of fights, 74 officers injured, 6 stabbings and one fatal stabbing.

The next week we saw the same carnival demographic flash-mobbing a sweet shop and rampaging through the streets.

Prince Charles praised this group for their contribution to modern Britain, while Priti Patel removed the ability of local councils to refuse housing to similar demographics of asylum seekers.

Lawrence began life as an archaeologist and with the advent of the war, became involved in military intelligence.

He got on very well with the Arabs and promoted Aran nationalism among them, taking part in the ‘Great Arab Revolt’.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Real Britannia: Carnival Carnage – RB 090522


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