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Real Britannia: Good King Edward I – RB 050420

Sven Longshanks talks about David Icke losing his channel and UK Border Force being banned from wearing masks, before finishing the presentation on Edward Longshanks.

David Icke had just under a million subscribers and still Youtube banned him for ‘hate speech’.
Apparently 5G cell towers have feelings and Icke was being mean to them.

UK Border Force tried to get flights stopped from Wuhan in December and are still trying to get flights banned now.

They have also been wearing masks bought at their own expense, since two employees have already died from the virus, but now they are being ordered not to wear them.

Merlin made a lengthy prophecy about King Edward that came true, even describing where his life would end.

He described him as a dragon and the last of the two good kings of England.

He died shortly after his final victory in Scotland, after avenging Sir John Comyn’s cowardly murder at the altar in Grey Friars church. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Real Britannia: Good King Edward I – RB 050420


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