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Real Britannia: Asylum Seeking Arsonists – RB 020121

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson talk about the EU hard border and another camp going up in flames, before starting a new Greatest Britons presentation.

In an instance of the highest hypocrisy, the EU tried to erect a hard border in Northern Ireland last week, after spending the last year claiming that we could never leave the EU because it might mean Britain doing just that.

Five fake asylum seekers have been arrested for burning down their accommodation in protest, something that regularly happens, but at least they didnt stab anyone because the food wasn’t good enough this time.

Enoch Powell is the Greatest Briton this week, he was mainly famous for his anti-Immigration speech, but before that he showed great promise in the military, as a poet and as a politician.

He was a Professor by the age of 24 and was so desperate to enlist for the war, he told the military he was an Australian.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Real Britannia: Asylum Seeking Arsonists – RB 020121


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