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Real Britannia: The Imperial War Museum’s Hiphop Display – RB 112221

Sven Longshanks and Max Musson discuss a disrespectful Remembrance Day performance, Black ownership of slaves and racist medical devices.

It did not take long before Max’s prediction about rap music at a Remembrance Day service came true, at the Imperial War Museum mourners were treated to rap lyrics about Black people winning the war, Churchill starving millions to death and people only ever caring about White soldiers.

On ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ a mixed race sportswoman discovered her ancestor owned slaves and was compensated for them, which begs the question how many more are there like her alive today?

Sajid Javid has announced an enquiry into why hospital pulse monitors are racist, apparently they dont work so well on Black people and it couldn’t possibly be because they have thicker skin than Caucasians for the monitor to detect the pulse through.

Captain Scott makes his way to New Zealand to meet up with the Terra Nova and we hear how the Norwegians suddenly head for the South Pole too, while Scott and his men are let down by their wives who end up falling out and having a big fight.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Max Musson

Real Britannia: The Imperial War Museum’s Hiphop Display – RB 112221


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